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Hey Now! December 21, 2018 Annual Holiday Party!!

Fourteen Years of Protecting UBC Doctrines & Principals

 December 21, 2018, Holiday Party / Meeting

Please join us at our annual Holiday Party/Meeting On December 21, 2018. The Fraternal Order of Woodworkers, we will be getting together on the third floor at 4:30 , The Playwright, 202 

W 49th St, New York, NY 10019. There will be raffles, refreshments, food and music to  usher in the 2018 Holiday Season. All are welcome and we encourage members to bring in a used woodworking tool in good condition we can present to Apprentices. We look forward to seeing you continuing uniting Brothers and Sisters in our Union.


About Us

Support and Solidarity


​Members have been working together on New York City job sites for years making friendships that last a lifetime. Please come down and see what the F.O.W. is achieving. Be a part of your Union and give back the skills you learned to others.

Apprenticeship Mentoring

​The F.O.W. is firmly committed to support, teach proper woodworking techniques and what it is to be a Union Carpenter. Apprentices are presented donated tools, trained on job sites and encouraged to participate in their Union. Anyone who would like to donate tools in good condition for us to distribute to Apprentices 

are urged to let us know.

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America.

​The Fraternal Order of Woodworkers  protect all U.B.C. doctrines and principles. We are firmly committed to the growth of our Union and assist all Brothers & Sisters on New York City  job sites. Click here to link to connect to the International U.B.C. Website.

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Fraternal Order of Woodworkers

New York, New York, United States

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